What is the SGP Prize?

sgp prize

sgp prize is an award given for outstanding law and society research. It is awarded by the LSA for papers written within 18 months of the prize year that best represent research on law and society issues. The prize is worth $500.

Several aspects of a paper’s quality are considered in the nomination process. For example, a paper may be judged by the scholarly quality of its references, its argumentation, and its clarity. It may also be judged by the extent to which the author shows a deep commitment to the subject and has produced original work.

The prize is open to graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty members of any university in the world. Nominations are accepted from any area of law and society research and publication. They may include first books by young scholars and capstones of long careers in law and society research and publication.

Nominated papers may be published or unpublished in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia. They must be submitted to the sgp prize committee by July 1. Nominated works may be in any language, and nominators should provide a detailed description of the paper’s purpose, content, structure, and organization.

In the case of a paper’s acceptance, the author should notify the sgp prize committee within 30 days of receiving the award. The committee will review the submission and determine the winner.

The winning papers will be announced on the sgp prize website on the Monday following the annual meeting of the LSA. The winners will receive a certificate, a cash prize of $500, and a gift certificate from the LSA.

Besides being a great way to honor excellent law and society research, the sgp prize is also a fun way to engage in the study of law. Many people find that writing and discussing law and society topics is a wonderful way to get to know other people, learn new things, and expand their knowledge.

If you are a law student or scholar, you should check the website of the LSA for information on the sgp prize. You should also visit the awards section of the website to learn more about how to submit your work.

To find out more about the sgp prize and other awards, visit the LSA’s awards page. You can also read about other prizes that the LSA sponsors, including its Graduate Student and Undergraduate Prizes.

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Moreover, the sgp prize is available to all LSA members who have at least one year of membership in the LSA. It is not open to those who are no longer members or those who are currently inactive.