Data Hk and the PDPO

data hk

Data hk is a database of open data gathered from various sources. It has over a million datasets from international, EU, national, regional and local data portals. It is a free resource developed by the Hong Kong government. Its assessment results aim to reveal achievements and identify challenges in Hong Kong, and introduce international best practices to the city.

The PDPO defines personal data as information relating to an identifiable individual, and requires that such data be collected for specified purposes only and processed lawfully. It prohibits the unauthorized access, use or disclosure of personal data, and requires that personal data be kept accurate and up-to-date. It also requires that a data user takes reasonable precautions to protect the security of personal data and limit access to it to those who need it for the fulfilment of their functions or activities.

In addition, the PDPO contains six privacy principles that regulate how data users collect, process and retain personal data. However, the PDPO does not extend its application to data users outside of the territory, and only those who are subject to the provisions of the PDPO are liable for any breach of the PDPO’s requirements.

Moreover, there are a number of exceptions to the use limitations and access requirements in the PDPO. These include the prevention of serious improper conduct or crime, news activities and due diligence exercises. Other exemptions include the protection of data concerning Hong Kong’s security, defence and foreign relations, the assessment or collection of taxes or duties, the conduct of legal proceedings, and life-threatening emergency situations.

As a result, if the PDPO were to move towards a definition of personal data similar to that of GDPR, it could significantly increase the compliance measures required for companies who use data. This would particularly be the case for those who use technologies that learn about individuals’ behaviours, and those that process information which will impact on them in some way.

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