Types of MMA Betting

Mma betting is a highly complex sport, and there are many factors to consider when placing wagers. Disciplined betting is a key to success, as is not spending more than you can afford to lose. Keeping emotions out of your betting decisions is important, too. The best MMA bettors are those who make decisions based on research, analysis and knowledge of fighters’ styles, records, injuries, and even weight class differences.

Money line: This is the simplest type of MMA betting, where you wager on which fighter you think will win a particular fight. Each fighter is assigned odds that determine your potential payout if you win the bet. Usually, the more experienced fighter has the better odds, but it is not always the case. In MMA, the underdog can often triumph and deliver bettors a windfall.

Method of victory: This is a bet on whether a particular fighter will win the fight by submission or knockout. The bet pays out if the fighter wins by either method, and you can place your bets at a sportsbook or online.

Rounds: A popular MMA betting option is the Over/Under rounds bet. A sportsbook will set an Over/Under number for a specific amount of time and assign odds to each side. For example, if a fight is scheduled for five rounds, the Over/Under will be set at 4.5 rounds. Oddsmakers will use a variety of factors when setting the Over/Under, including fighters’ style, previous performance, and the number of total rounds scheduled for the match.

Split Decision: A split decision results in two judges declaring a winner, but the third judge picks the opponent. A split decision bet pays out if one fighter wins on two of the judges’ scorecards and loses on the other.

Parlay: A parlay is a group of bets on different events that will occur in a fight, such as the first and second round, or the method of victory (KO or submission). You can choose up to 15 legs of a parlay, but you must correctly predict all of them in order to win the bet. If any bets are a push, that leg is dropped from the parlay.

Prop bets: Prop bets are exotic bets on occurrences or non-occurrences that don’t directly affect the outcome of a fight. They are often offered at a lower cost than other bet types and can add a lot of excitement to your MMA betting experience. Prop bets can be very lucrative, but you should only place them if you are comfortable with the risk involved. The more research you do, the better your chances of winning are. Good luck!