The Hong Kong Prize and BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prizes

Hong Kong prize is a premier writing competition that draws authors from all over the world. Top ten finalists receive both monetary awards and shopping vouchers and F&B perks; this illustrious contest is also a great way to build your portfolio and network with fellow authors – just make sure you read all rules and regulations thoroughly beforehand.

The 2019 Hong Kong Prize was awarded to five outstanding individuals and organizations that are making significant contributions to the world in areas of peace, human rights, social justice, economic and environmental sustainability, and cultural exchange. The winning entries showcase how the winners are embracing Hong Kong’s unique strengths and resources, and working together to help people at greatest need with utmost compassion and dignity.

In addition to the prestigious monetary prizes, the winners also received an invitation to Hong Kong and free travel expenses for two to spend the next three years exploring this vibrant city while being immersed in its culture and heritage. Applicants interested in applying for the 2020 Hong Kong Prize can visit the World of Winners splash page beginning March 1 and submit their entry through an online form. Applicants will be selected in three waves; Southeast Asian residents will be selected first, followed by mainland Chinese and international applicants.

The winners of the HK Prize were chosen by an expert panel of judges from various fields and industries; they were nominated for their work on behalf of humanity at large. This year’s nominations included brain cancer survivors running an NGO to assist students with mental health issues; Zambian volunteers working with local charities; and artists reinterpreting human rights concepts through fine art.

Other notable winners include senior designer Emilio Rivera who bagged merit for his piece on the Gaza-Israel conflict, and news editor Xinmei Shen who took home first runner-up in the Best Business News Writing (English) category for her story on Hong Kong’s challenges in becoming a cryptocurrency hub. Shen’s colleague, news editor Li Bingcun, also won first runner-up in the Culture News Reporting category for her in-depth articles on Hong Kong’s efforts to become an energetic international center of arts and culture, as well as its ongoing dialogue with time.

The BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize, established in 2022 and title sponsored by the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, recognizes scientists whose groundbreaking discoveries have broad societal impact. The independent merit-based award is designed to inspire scientific researchers and entrepreneurs to continue innovative exploration, establish themselves in Hong Kong, serve the nation, and contribute to the world. Each year, experts from Hong Kong and abroad are invited to select the outstanding scientists for recognition in the following categories: artificial intelligence/robotics; life/health sciences; new materials and new energy; advanced manufacturing; and FinTech. Each field should award no more than five persons/teams each year. Each winner will receive an estimated value of HK$2 million.