The Hong Kong Prize 2023

The Hong Kong Prize is an independent merit-based award that acknowledges scientific research with substantial societal benefits. It encourages young people to follow their passion and broaden their global perspectives. The prizes are awarded in astronomy, life science and medicine, and mathematical sciences, with an emphasis on discoveries that have real-world impact.

The HK Prize is open to scientists under the age of 50 who have published their work in a peer-reviewed journal. The paper must have made an impact on society, and the researcher must demonstrate superior writing skills and in-depth knowledge of their topic. The HK Prize is judged by an expert panel of representatives from different sectors of hk society, so researchers know their work will be evaluated fairly.

As the world struggles with increasing tensions and political instability, a group of Hong Kongers have taken on significant risks to speak out for freedom. They include the 74-year-old newspaper mogul Jimmy Lai, who faces a prison sentence for organizing a candlelight vigil to protest the disappearance of democracy leader Joshua Wong and other activists. Lai, who has a long record of defending freedom and human rights, was nominated for the Hong Kong Prize by Professor Perry Link from University of California Riverside.

BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE is open to all Fellows of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and non-Fellows. Submissions are welcomed in any areas of medical science and technological innovation with direct and profound societal impacts, including but not limited to artificial intelligence and robotics, life science and medicine, new materials energy production, advanced manufacturing, and FinTech. No more than five persons (or teams) will receive the award field reward each year.

The 2023 HK Prize winners will be presented their awards at a ceremony on November 12. Reshef, who won the HK Prize for Education Development, founded the University of the People, a tuition-free online university that aims to make higher education accessible to all regardless of their socioeconomic status. He was lauded for his vision and commitment to social change at the awards ceremony.

The HK Prize also recognizes journalists who have written articles that have had positive impact on public awareness and understanding of the importance of Hong Kong in the world. The first runner-up of the Best News Story award went to Matt Haldane and reporters Dylan Butts and Xinmei Shen for their piece in October 2023 on Hong Kong’s hurdles in becoming a cryptocurrency hub. The second runner-up was news editor Eric Ng for his article on Core Climate’s efforts to improve transparency in the carbon market. The third runner-up was journalist Wong Chin Wai for her report on the plight of political detainees in mainland China. All the winners of this prestigious award were chosen by the Hong Kong prize judging panel based on their outstanding achievements. The judges’ decision is final and cannot be challenged. This is in line with the basic law of Hong Kong and high professional ethics.