The Basics of Roullete


Roullete is a very popular casino game found in many French casinos. While it is thought to have originated in Italy, it has since spread throughout Europe and Asia. It is played with different betting strategies. In this article, we’ll look at some of the rules and strategies that are essential for playing this game.


If you’re looking for a roulette strategy, you’ve come to the right place. This strategy will help you win two out of three times by betting in multiples of $200. It also allows you to have more flexibility with the sequence of bets. You can use it at both high and low limit tables. But you should know that it’s not going to be successful every time you use it. There are many different ways to win at roulette.

Bet combinations

Bet combinations on Roullete can be made in two different ways. First, you can place a bet on the two numbers. This bet has odds of 17 to one, and the probability that these numbers will appear on the wheel is 5.4%. Second, you can place a bet on the three numbers, or even on four. This will increase the odds of winning.


There are several variations of roulette that you will see when playing at a casino. These variations may seem similar, but they do have subtle differences that can affect the outcome of the game. Here are some of the most common variations of roulette: American, French, and European. The most popular variant is French roulette, which features a low house edge and the player-friendly La Partage rule. There are also hundreds of other variations of roulette to choose from, including multi-wheel and live dealer roulette games.

European roulette has only one zero pocket, so the house advantage is smaller. It is more popular than American roulette, and is played in most United States gambling establishments. In addition, European roulette is also available at many online gambling sites.


Payouts on Roullete are based on the number of chips you place. You can place bets on all nine numbers, 0 through 36, or on any combination of numbers. The payout for winning a bet on a single number is 17:1. For the lowest odds, bet on the single zero. Bets on three numbers with one chip have a payout of 11:1. The Top Line bet pays 6:1.