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The best way to play poker online is to learn the poker hand rankings. There are different types of starting hands, but if you understand these rankings, you’ll be better off at online poker sites. For instance, a pair of eights with an ace kicker is beatable by a set of kings, two pair, and two eights. It’s always best to understand starting hands and rankings before moving on. However, you can’t just study the rankings based on how good your hand is.

Bovada Poker

When playing poker online, the most important factor to consider is the uptime of the poker server. Bovada Poker supports 99.9% uptime, has a highly qualified support staff, and offers interruption protection. To access the Bovada Poker online site, a member must sign up and make a deposit. Afterward, the player can log in to the website and play poker. The website also offers several other security measures to ensure that a player’s security is not compromised.


Partypoker poker online has a wide variety of tournaments with various prize levels. Players can play single-table sit n’ go tournaments for as little as $1 or enter a multi-table tournament. The site offers both scheduled and unscheduled tournaments. Partypoker previously offered a bad beat jackpot. Now, this popular site has added this feature to their site. As a bonus, partypoker offers a mobile version of their site that is available on Android and Apple devices.

Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker online does not have every game variation you’re looking for, but it does offer a good variety. You can play cash games with hold ’em, pot limit hold ’em, no limit hold ’em, Omaha, and 9-max tables, with stakes ranging from 2 cents to $10/$20. There are also a number of skins available for clients.


In addition to the online poker site, there are mobile poker applications that you can download. Android, iOS, and Windows are available. PokerStars was a part of the Stars Group until May 5, 2020. Downloadable poker clients include and There are many mobile poker apps, too, including the popular PartyPoker. You can play poker anytime, anywhere with your mobile device. PokerStars has a mobile app for every major platform, including iOS and Android.

Quick Seat

When you play poker online, one of the features you might want to enable is the Quick Seat feature. This feature allows you to enter a certain criteria for quick seating to determine the best table for you. For example, you can select the number of players you would like to enter the table with, or you can specify the maximum buy-in for the Quick Seat table. Once you have selected the desired criteria, the Quick Seat wizard will reveal the details of the table, such as maximum stakes or the amount of money you want to buy-in for the game.

Ignition’s In-Software Casino Games

You can play real-money poker from the comfort of your home, thanks to Ignition’s In-Software Mobile Casino. You can choose from a range of poker games, including video poker, specialty games, and progressive slots. You can even play Ignition’s In-Software Casino Games right in the client. The games have the same functionality as you would find at a traditional casino.

Ignition’s anonymous tables

Anonymous poker tables are among the benefits of Ignition’s gaming platform. This allows players to avoid the risk of being tracked by third-party software tools such as poker HUDs. In addition, you can play anonymously because you will be assigned a seat number, rather than revealing your true name. In addition, you can use tools like the anonymous all-in percentage to help determine your odds of winning a hand.