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Many thanks to you and your team for providing the food for our event on Sept. 29. So many people commented on the food and wanted to know where it came from – it was delicious! We'll definitely keep you in mind for future needs!
J. Rose

A unique culinary experience
Posted by lqagrl on 08/09/2008

As far as I know, Phnom Penh Noodle House is the only Cambodian restaurant in Seattle. I am so happy to have discovered it and will definitely be back. This was my first experience with Cambodian food, and it reminded me of both Vietnamese and Thai food - yet it was definitely its own unique thing. It's hard to describe what's unique about it - you just have to go and try it! The food is superb, and service is quick and friendly. The decor is not fancy but the place looks clean and pleasant. I hope you all support this restaurant so they can keep their doors open and we can keep enjoying delicious Cambodian food in the heart of the International District.
Pros: Unique and delicious Cambodian food
Cons: none

Wonderful catering fruit displays
Posted by gakester8 on 11/16/2007

they created a double happiness fruit display for my wedding's rehearsal dinner. Everyone loved it - the fruit was fresh and the designs were amazing. We ordered the medium size and there was a $20 delivery fee for downtown. We had to return the mirrors when we were finished to get our deposit back.
Pros: amazing fruit art
Cons: slight language barrier w/english

You can't find this anywhere else and a-- Good Deal!!!
Posted by lorne_ on 01/16/2007

I have visited Phnom Penn Noodle House for over 15 years and I hope it never goes away. This is a family run restaurant and the pride put into the food shows. Quite honestly I can't find this food anywhere else. The prices are very reasonable and I almost feel guilty not paying more. The food I eat here: I mostly eat vegetarian, though I eat seafood as well. I usually eat Battambang's Favorite Noodles, it is the best noodle dish on earth and you might not find this dish anywhere else in the USA as I have looked. Other menu items are Noodle Soups, Wide Noodles with Vegetables, seafood or meat, and Sauces, Herbed Duck with rice, and more. My meat eating friends loved it too. The atmosphere is casual and pleasant. The restaurant has a lot of tables but the service is very quick. This is a good place to go for large parties as tables can be arranged to seat many. I'm not sure if the check is ever delivered to the table, I have always just gone up to pay. This practice is expected here as far as I know. Have a wonderful time trying this place. Good Good Food

Authentic Cambodian Noodles!
Posted by ttothek on 09/08/2006
I was craving this bowl of noodles, since I came back from Cali, where the line was too long. So I took a chance and went there on 09/07/06. I ordered the Phnom Penh Special Noodle. Though, I'm used to eating with the wide fat rice noodles, on the menu it indicates the egg noodle, or the regular rice noodle. I got that and a Cambodian Ice tea, similar to Thai Ice Tea, except it's topped off with more cream and a bit sweeter. The service is VERY fast, within like 5 mins, we got our noodles. Let me tell you, it was so GOOD!!!!! The service was good too, and the restaurant is not too bad looking. Make sure you put tons of the chili oil paste, in. It gives the broth alot more flavor. And get it with the chinese donuts for an extra treat. It's good to dip it in the broth. I couldn't beleive that my fiance and I, had lunch with drinks for under 15.00 Cheap! The parking is not great, but I usually park at Uwajimya, if you shop there and spend a min. of $7, parking is FREE for 2 hours. Not bad if you need to already pick something up from there.
Pros: food, prices, cleanliness of the place
Cons: the parking

One of my favorite Asian Restaurants
Posted by sherilskee on 03/14/2006

I am super picky about asian restaurants and I would say Phnom Phenh is one of my favorites hands down. My favorite soup is their "wonton noodle soup" (be sure to ask for chinese donuts to go with it) and the "Lok Luk" a steak and rice dish. During the summers I crave their tropical fruit drinks that have lychees and jackfruit in it. Honestly, the look of the place is between a dive an an upscale restaurant, however, it's all about the quality of their food.
Pros: Authentic recipes, Speedy Service, Delicious Food
Cons: Hard to find parking, Had to ask for water

Great Value Dining
Posted by huskyduck on 04/26/2004

You will encounter authentic Cambodian cuisine in this ID gem. The fishcakes are simply the best I have had in town, more substantial and flavorful than Thai styled tod mun. Noodle soups are hearty and served in a broth whose recipe has been handed down for generations according to the menu. One tip, if you get any of the stir fried noodle dishes, get the dish with the sauce on the side or your dish will be covered in a thick, brownish sauce that ruins the flavor of the wok fried flat noodles.
Pros: Great value, fishcakes!, noodle soups Wonderful Catered lunch from Phnom Penh Noodle House It was just another meeting until this fantastic catered lunch arrived. Although I can’t tell you about the taste of the meat and seafood items—I’m a vegetarian—and the tofu dishes didn’t have name cards..what I can tell you is that the three tofu dishes that were served were exceptional. The tofu was prepared to perfection in all three dishes. The noodle dish had fried tofu, as did a vegetable dish and another vegetable dish had steamed tofu and was covered on top with toasted peanuts. With the food as yummy as it was I intend to use this restaurant for my next business or family get together. I have to say ummm, its pretty cheap for the big portion.... I have to say ummm, its pretty cheap for the big portion. The beef ball noodle is awesomeeeee!

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